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I had a few ideas over time and will present some of them here. These will be extended upon in the relevant sections of this web site, as some overlap other areas.


Viruses. (The biological type!)


Recently it occurred to me while looking at a picture of a bacterophage attacking a bacterium, that the former needed to make a cell wall (or cell marker) interface to as part of their life cycle, and that by a little topology, one may potentially trick a virus into releasing its DNA or RNA into either the bodyís fluids, or a fake cell.



A Virusís can gain entry to a cell, trough recognition of the cell wall type that it requires. Viruses are usually very cell specific. There are two major types of viruses with respect to membranes. Those without a protein coat, and those with a protein coat membrane coat (such as AIDS)


The idea is to construct some membranes that are identical to the cell type that you wish to protect. Then to form either a frame of membrane (think of a picture frame with a thin film of soap across it.) Or a sphere, or ovoid arrangement, I will refer these as 'Topotricks' from now on (a trick of topology)


In the first case you would have to bound the frame by a molecular structure that is stable, and the body will not destroy. The membrane itself will be okay as it will be recognized as Ďselfí by the protein markers on the surface, the frame should be 'pure' enough so that it does not atract immune responses. However you may need to put markers on both sides of the membrane.



The ovoid arrangement, like a cell, should not be hard to make. A membrane like soap bubbles they tend to form spontaneously into this shape, an example of molecular self assembly.


Either way the virus is tricked in thinking it has found a suitable cell; a then lets out its RNA or DNA.


In the frame case the DNA and RNA would float around either in the blood stream or other connective tissues (fluids, I would rather call them) to be disposed of quite easily as they have no protection, and they cannot reproduce as they by them selves find it harder to locate and enter the required cell.


In the ovoid case the DNA and RNA would then be inside the fake cell, and find that there is no cellular machinery to reproduce itself. I imagine that the ovoid cell would fill up and eventually rupture or degrade, releasing all the DNA and RNA into the connective fluids. One would hope that this ovoid does not merge with a real cell resulting in massive over infection, but Ultimately even if this did happen the reproductive rate of the virus may be very small as it faces abnormal conditions.


The point is though that the virus ('s) that meet this fate, excepting in the latter case, cannot reproduce. This would slow the rate at which normal cells are destroyed.


Without a detailed look at the maths of this system in a more general approach to the dynamics of systems of this type typically result in a critical value where the Topotricks would pressence in sufficent numbers causes virusís progress would become linear. This would not rather than exponential, and your body can mount an exponential attack.


Problems and Further Thinking


To make Topotricks you will have to take some membrane from the required cell and reproduce it. Possibly you could take a cell and strip out it nucleus. This may have some problems though as the complex cytoskeleton may cause the cell to rupture and be destroyed or immune cells may recognize the flaw in this as it may be possible that osmotic pressures are an influential factor in attracting and successful docking of virii.


The phospholipids that make up the double membrane of an animal cell wall are largely known. The specific arrangement and structure of the other components of the cell wall are however a little harder such as intercellular proteins and markers. However technology exists so that we can identify the actual structure of the marker or protein as required then to put together MRNA or their code to make use of bacterial cells (retro virus method) to form the membrane materials.



FIG 1A Conceptually how the Topotrick would work.


The problems with the Topotricks become apparent to the reader from the article so far, specifically they will be.


1)      The manufacture of Topotricks


2)      It will only make the attack linear or minimal if a suitable concentration or molarity can be achieved.



3)      I do not know what the free roaming DNA or RNA could do once stripped of its protein and membrane like coat, Maybe they could reproduce again, or maybe they just degrade when released in the bodyís connective fluids



4)      Other side effects



5)      Eventual mutation of viruses to recognize the manufactured membranes, although if the membranes are identical this could prove really hard for the virusís to do, effectively.



6)      One potential danger is accidentally wiping out to many bacterophages, and thus seeing bacteria grow out of control, however I donít see this as a problem as the viruses are cell specific.



7)      Many other things need to go across cell barriers such a nutrients and proteins etc. They usually do this by a process of endocytosis and ectocytosis. The fake ovoids may absorb to many of these and thus cause a depletion of essentials to they type of processes it is trying to protect. The frame type would be the problem in this instance. The Ovoid type however should make a zero sum game, as the particals could diffuse out aging, if it is energetically favorable. This problem may require some extra thinking. The Topotricks cell membrane may have to be modified t make it hard for this to happen with. However without the ion pumps the ovoids may become subject to harmful osmotic pressures. So both type have problems that may require some modifications.



8)      Surface tension, the correct surface tension must be achieved and maintained while the virus attaches and releases its genetic material, and afterwards. This ensures that the Topotrick remains viable for a reasonable period of time. Eventual degradation would be expected.



9)      Various methods could be employed to ensure that the Topotrick does no absorb o reduce other need full bodies, such as changing the surface tension, charge, specific structure of the membrane.




It will be really hard for a virus to mutate against this approach, for instance AIDS virus must always attack specific cells, and even if they mutate to others, we only have so many cell types in our body. Once a membrane has been built for each, from your personal requirements, (I.e. your surface self information) the viruses have nowhere left to go, as they must use cellular machinery. Essentially they need us we donít need them, as much they need us! (Theory of favorable information passing aside. If this process was succesful , to survive a new line of mutation may occur where virusus incoperate them selves into bacteria, which does already happen in a retro virus)


I hope this article holds some hope for those who have AIDS or other viral diseases. There is a way to beat it, and maybe this is one way to halts its progress. Ultimately this idea will be superseded by nanites and when they come, disease may be a thing of the past, in fact almost any illness, or deformity or health issues. The Topotricks is a passive nanite solution. Please fell free to respond to this at my email,